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Dr. Mickey in Newport Beach, California.  Call   714.743.5612   or   TXT   anytime.

Dr. Mickey in Newport Beach, California.  Call 714.743.5612 or TXT anytime.

Let me start out by saying that I understand the pain behind your actions.  I help you figure out how you got to this point in your life so that you don’t repeat an unhappy life path.  Couples are fascinated to learn what really creates their fights.  Most people are amazed to discover how and why they chose certain self soothing behaviors such as drinking, over-eating, or even fighting.  Everyone realizes what prevented change.  And, most important, they learn how to change in the least painful way possible, and how to maintain their new choices.

Perhaps you have done something that you might regret, are ashamed or embarrassed about, and which you find yourself helpless to change.  I have no judgments or criticisms.  I accept you where you are.  For example, I know that fighting in a relationship can become a pattern of behavior which is familiar in an uncomfortable way, and oh so hard to stop.  I meet you where you are, and thus I have a very unique approach to helping you find peace and resolution during very unhappy, difficult times in your life. 

No matter what is going on I can help you change addictive behaviors like drug use, alcohol use, shopping, hoarding, gaming/gambling and physical or sexual abuse.

Dedication to Clients

I am dedicated to helping couples and families recover from even the most destructive betrayals.  No matter whether the betrayal was by family, friend, life partner, colleague or even God, I offer unconditional, non-judgmental help so you can move beyond the betrayal.  I work with clients, collaboratively to develop effective and long-lasting results.  I am especially skilled at helping couples restore trust, hope and friendship back into a relationship that has been filled with drama, suffering and disrespect.

Approach Developed Through Training

I was able to create my very unique approach by constantly researching new ways to help clients achieve healing and health in their lives.  It is an extreme honor to be able to work as an emotional therapist, and I am committed to bringing you the latest and best advances in the practice of marriage and family therapy and alternative, complementary treatments.  I have certifications in domestic violence and batterer intervention counseling.  I have achieved Level 1 Clinical Training in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. I have an in depth knowledge of John Gray’s, When Mars and Venus Collide.  Both Gottman and Gray explain the theory of male-female stress responses, and just how different one will behave when under stress.  Stress responses can lead to devastating misunderstandings which tear apart relationships.  And, I am certified as a grief recovery specialist.  All of this training has given me a very unique view of human behavior, and allows me to create a customized approach to your unique family situation.

Dr. Mickey in Newport Beach CA office 714.743.5612

I have appeared on a variety of local radio shows answering questions regarding relationship conflicts.  My favorite topic is "How to put the fun back into dysfunctional family gatherings."  Over the past 25+ years I have offered workshops on recovering from emotional, physical, medical and financial traumas.  I am skilled at teaching individuals how to manage anger that is negatively impacting their life, and use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, object relations/psychodynamic therapy, aroma therapy, art, music, and guided imagery in my sessions with you.  In addition, I have worked in the addiction recovery field since 2015, and thus have a hands on, in depth knowledge of addiction treatment and 12-step programs.  All my training and experience allows me to blend what we do in our sessions with other therapies you might be receiving.  Families are delighted with their long-lasting symptom relief.

Education & Affiliations

I am a licensed psychotherapist in the State of California.  My full legal name is HeleneMickey Wilson, but clients call me Dr. Mickey.  My California State License is issued and overseen by the Board of Behavioral Science. ( )  My licensed number, issued by that government agency is 49203.  I hold a Doctorate of Holistic Counseling from the University of Sedona, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University.  I hold an Ordination Diploma from the University of Metaphysics, which qualified me as a Nondenominational Minister, and I was trained and certified as a Disciples Facilitator by the United Methodist Church.  I am proud to be a member of both the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT.)



It is my truest desire to help you find the happy, loving relationship you always hoped for. 

Please feel free to call me, day or night, on my cell phone, (714) 743 5612, or TXT, and ask for Dr. Mickey. 

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Mickey Wilson, Ph.D - Licensed Psychotherapist, MFC #49203

Completed Level 1 Training in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

- with an in depth knowledge of John Gray's, When Mars and Venus Collide, theory of male-female response to stress.

Certified in Guided Imagery as a Guided Imagery Therapist

Certified in Domestic Violence Counseling

Certified in Batterers' Intervention Counseling

Certified in Domestic Violence Counseling

Certified in Grief Counseling

Certified Teen Life Coach

Nondenominational Minister

Member: AAMFT, CAMFT, NAWBO Mentoring

Mickey Wilson, Ph.D. LMFT

Specializing in helping couples decide should they stay married or file for divorce

5020 Campus Dr.

Newport Beach, CA92660




Offering Guided Imagery for Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Anger Management, Betrayal, Couples Counseling, Depression, Divorce Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, Over-Eating and Eating Disorders, Pain Management, Stress and Trauma.

Located in the OC CA - Orange County California