Divorce Counseling

Here you are, and I'm so sorry...So...you believe...you've come to the realization that... your marriage can't be saved.  You started out with hope, expectations, anticipation of a wonderful life together.  But you believe you can't stay together any longer...

You're having a hard time separating...Now what???

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I'm not a mediator or a lawyer.  I'm not a financial planner or real estate agent.  I'm not your Priest/Pastor/Reverend/Rabi.   I am a coach and counselor, which means I have special training in marriage and family therapy, couples counseling, anger management, grief counseling...everything that's going to hit you like a ton of bricks once you really start the divorce process...but first let's make sure divorce is the only path.  I outline on my Marriage page how I help couples get back on track.  If any of that sounds like it can help - GREAT! If not, then I can offer you divorce counseling.  I can be reached 24/7 at 714-743-5612 by calling or texting.

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Friends and family have encouraged you, supported you, warned you, yelled at you - everything they thought you needed in order to get your marriage/life back on track. 

Yet, you are still looking at the big "D" - Divorce.  As well meaning as family and friends are, none of the these people are equipped to help you deal with the tidal wave of emotion that hits once you've decided to divorce.  Attorneys, especially, are trained to deal with the nuts and bolts mechanics of divorce, but not how to help you with the emotions.


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What to Expect During the Divorce Process?

1st there's frustration and anger that you couldn't get what you needed from your spouse in the marriage and NOW you can't get from them what you need in the divorce.

Then there's sadness and grief - this is a loss.  A loss of hope, expectations, financial security, home...

Then there's confusion and being overwhelmed by all the decisions which need to be made and all the paperwork which needs to be filled and filed.  And fear of what you'll have to live with, and what you will have to live without once the divorce is final...

Then there's anger and frustration at the divorce process...


What Can You Expect From Divorce Counseling With Me?

Divorce Counseling with Dr. Mickey Wilson, 714.743.5612

This is where I come in because you don't want to repeat this marriage with anyone else, and you don't want your children being hurt during this process.  So, here you are, and I'm so sorry.

Whether I see both of you (if there was no domestic violence) or just one of you, I can help you deal with the very heavy emotions that were created during the relationship, and help you prevent them from interfering with future relationships - keeping the past in the past where it belongs.

If your relationship/marriage had a dark side in which you or your partner were overcome by addiction, a personality disorder, or domestic violence (emotional, verbal, financial, sexual or physical violence) please know that I also have special training in addiction treatment, domestic violence counseling, anger management counseling, and batterers intervention counseling.  Please refer to my Domestic Violence page if this applies to you.

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You don't have to do this alone.  I don't judge.  I don't criticize. I don't ask stupid questions - I won't embarrass you.  


I would be honored to help you during this most difficult time in your life. Don't go through it alone.  I can help.


call (714) 743-5612 oR TXT me anytime - Ask for Dr. Mickey.